3 Reasons Why Buying Alpaca Sweaters Has Gained Popularity in 2018

The fashion industry is a hyper-competitive arena where retailers, designers and brands fight to reach the largest consumer audiences with loud aggressive marketing tactics. Then there are apparel companies that take a more calm and practical approach: they offer high-quality products, made with love, that sell themselves. People who shop for men’s alpaca sweaters handmade in Peru, for example, are consumers who place greater focus in the “why”; they value the story that makes apparel unique. Here are three of the biggest reasons why alpaca sweaters have gained popularity in men’s and women’s fashion this year.

Eco-Friendliness on Steroids

There has been growing awareness revolving around the subject of environmental care. People are starting to wake up, take notice of climate change, and see the economic impact that environmental malfeasance carries. When you purchase alpaca sweaters and other alpaca apparel from Peru and Bolivia, you are playing a role into making a huge step in promoting eco-friendliness. First, because alpaca sweaters are so durable and high-quality, they can remain in your wardrobe for a lifetime if properly cared for. The idea of buying affordable, high-quality clothing is an affront to fast-fashion–throw away clothing produced at high volume in pollution-pumping factories that plays a pivotal role in harming our planet.

Alpaca raising and sweater manufacturing in Peru and Bolivia is done in the old traditional method, by hand, in a natural manner without the utilization of factories. When you buy alpaca sweaters you support all-natural manufacturing models that promote a greener world.


Another reason why alpaca sweaters are so popular in 2018 is that more people are invested in promoting sustainable businesses over big-box brands. Most of the alpaca farms of Peru and Bolivia have been run by the same family line for hundreds of years. These farmers help keep ancient tradition alive by creating high-quality alpaca sweaters for a select handful of respectful boutique retailers, and this relationship enables economic growth for their humble community.

Luxury Fashion Labels Create Awareness

Vivienne Westwood famously said, “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. Everybody’s buying far too many clothes”. Indeed this message ties in to an eco-friendly agenda. But because fashion moguls are promoting the idea of people investing in high-quality clothing with that added layer of eco-friendliness, consumers with a green conscious are paying attention. Over the last few years high-end labels like Gucci, Hugo Boss, Prada, and Yves Saint Laurent have used alpaca fibers in coats, sweaters, jackets, hats, gloves and scarves. As a result alpaca’s popularity has exploded, and now a greater number of fashionable buyers are on the lookout for retailers of authentic alpaca sweaters. And the best part is you get the same high quality without paying the high prices on Rodeo Drive.

Shop Alpaca Sweaters that Fit Your Style

Alpaca sweaters come in a variety of natural colors, cuts, styles and patterns to appeal to any look. Whether you seem an alpaca cardigan for men that offers a clean, minimal look, or a women’s alpaca sweater with a slightly baggy fit and intricate design for lazy evenings at the ski lodge, Invisible World has your look!