5 fashion tips for chubby

All women have the right and practically the obligation to highlight our attributes to feel beautiful, attractive, but more than because of this, it is to feel safe and capable of achieving whatever we set out to do. Although of course there is nothing that increases your self-esteem more than feeling good about yourself, that’s why Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico also is a possibility and an affordable solution.


Sometimes we feel a little bit chubby and we have self-esteem because we feel we have nothing left, but this is completely false! the joke is to highlight your curves by choosing the clothes that favor you.


1.-Wear clothes that are exactly your size, nothing bigger (because it will make you look more chubby) and nothing smaller (because it will also make your little girls look everywhere), let your figure look like which.


2.-V necklines are 100% recommended, because they will make your figure look longer and completely sexy,


3.- The black color makes you look thinner, but this does not mean that you should always dress as if you were going to a funeral. The secret of this color is not in itself the dark being, the reality is that dressing in a single shade gives the appearance of having a better proportioned body so do not be afraid of colors! go mixing the tonalities little by little, if you panic make a radical change start using accessories such as shoes, brightly colored bags that distract the attention of your body.


4.-Do not use horizontal lines, opt for vertical to stylize your figure. The horizontal stripes give the visual effect of amplitude.


5.-Use sandals with open heel so that your legs look long and thin. The high-heeled shoes will also make you look slim and stylish, it is not necessary to use a 15-centimeter high one, choose the ones that make you feel comfortable.


And yes, always walk with your back straight, take out the booty, raise your bust and feel proud of being beautiful and above all project safety.