Be The Best

We all want to be the best at something, the best dancer, the best singer or the best dentist in Tijuana, to be the best you must be mentally strong to be able to withstand falls and get ahead. It is important that you take into account that you must satisfy all your basic needs such as eating and sleeping because although you do not believe this, it has great importance in self-control, focus and memory, and if you decide not to sleep well enough, these functions do not they will be able to develop optimally. That is why people who do not sleep well or do not eat well are unable to get ahead and therefore always fail in all their plans.

Start today You have doubts like all those who started, you are afraid and want. The time will pass in the same way, so use it in the best way, remember that the practice is what makes you an expert, start from today and with what you have, do not wait to have the best scenario.

Do not care about the opinions of others. While it is impossible not to feel or react to what others think of you, this does not mean you should compare yourself with them, and even less, assume as true any comments or criticism that you give.

You must learn to be selective with the opinions of others. Being mentally strong means that, despite what they may think of you, there is something that is clear enough, and that is that they are not as good or as bad as they want to show you.

If you want to learn how to be mentally strong you should stop judging each person who crosses your path, and understand that everyone has something unique to offer. To feel good about yourself you do not have to downgrade or stigmatize the people around you.

People with a strong mentality do not waste their time or energy comparing people or defining if they meet their “high standards” of quality. So instead of spending your energy feeling jealousy, channel it by appreciating what others have. Remember that celebrating the success of others is a step towards your own goals.